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About Bluebell Locksmiths

Who We Are

Based in Kent (Maidstone & Medway), Bluebell Locksmiths are a family run business with the community at the heart of our core values.

Our highly trained, and skilled locksmiths provide a quality service to domestic and commercial customers across Maidstone, Medway and Mid Kent areas.

Our primary locksmith is Lewis...   'I am available to offer you help and advice 24h a day. Call me any time and i will be happy to help you'.  

'High Standards, Competitive Pricing, Happy Customers'

In association with and Trading Standards.

we are A Genuine Local Locksmiths

We ARE a local Locksmiths.

We are NOT a call centre or national company. 

Our Customer Service Promise to you

At Bluebell Locksmiths we pride ourselves on offering top quality customer service. From enquiry to job completion, you will deal with courteous, professional individuals. Our focus is on providing you with a positive and friendly customer experience.    

Our Services

Lock Repair

Repair Door Lock

A broken lock can be a nightmare. When a lock fails for whatever reason, it means you have an access way that is either blocked, or a building that cannot be secured.

Depending on the circumstance, this is likely to require an emergency appointment. 

At Bluebell we aim to attend these calls within an hour of your call. With a wide range of specialist tools, our goal is to repair the problem using Non-destructive methods. 

Not all locks can be repaired, but if a locking system has reached the end of its life, then a new system can be replaced with No damage to the door and surrounding components.

Lock Replacement

Replace Lock

Why Replace Your Locks?

Maybe you have bought a new house and want the peace of mind that you have the only keys...

Maybe your lock doesn't feel as smooth as it once did, and you are concerned it may soon fail...

Whatever the reason, you are in safe hands with Bluebell when it comes to replacing locks. With a large amount of stock to hand, our engineers often have the correct parts to replace your locks like for like in one easy visit. If we haven't got your locking system in stock then our team can identify your system and have a new one in stock for the next working day in the majority of cases.

Lock fitting

Fit a Lock

Additional locks can be fitted for extra security and in some cases even lower the price of your contents insurance. In recent years manufacturers producing locking systems have made some outstanding improvements with design and security features. With crime levels ever increasing, adding additional locks is the best way to protect your home or business.

UpGRADE locks


The locks on your doors are your first point of security. As crime levels are reaching new highs, it has never been more imperative that we are sure our homes and business's are secure.

In recent years, companies manufacturing locking systems have made some outstanding improvements in both design and security features. With all British Standard locks now working to a 3* Rating system, there is a sure way to know your premises are secure.

If you are unsure that any of your locks may be vulnerable to being forced by a burglar, then call us now. One of our team will be happy to discuss your concerns and talk about your options

UPVC repair


Your UPVC windows and doors are built to last. They are a versatile, flexible systems, capable of withstanding years of use and punishment. In the years after installation all the moving parts in your window and door locking systems may begin to stiffen up, or not work quite as they once did.

At Bluebell we do not look for the first signs of age and look to replace locking systems. In many cases a strip down, adjustment and greasing of the internals can extend the life of your locking systems by years. This is just one way we have pushed our reputation to the highest level, and it keeps customers costs to a minimum.

Garage Security


Garage Security

Shed Locks


There is no question as to why thieves love to target our outbuildings...

As a nation, we spend an enormous amount of money or recreational equipment, such as bikes, fishing rods, golf clubs... etc. 

Also tools, Garden equipment, or anything overflowing from your main home space.


Our livelihoods are stored in these small detached structures.

So how do we protect our treasures?

from my experience, 99% of the time i have found a latch and flimsy padlock setup...

24 Hour Emergency locksmith Service Available

High Standards

We endeavour to be your one-stop locksmith solution

Competitive Pricing

No job to big or small in Kent by appointment only

Happy Customers

Available 24/7 - Our service promise to you

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